If You Build It They Will Come:Instructions


Child's or dog's wading pool.
Cover objects (anything that floats-we've used frisbees as well as commercial cover objects. So far, the frogs don't seem to care)
Sign board for ramp (Corregated plastic board-available at Home Depot or similar stores)
Container of some sort
Mosquito Bits or Dunks (Available at Home Depot or via Amazon.com. These contain a bacteria that eats mosquito larvae and therefore controls them in standing water).
Duckweed or other aquatic plants (optional)
Web site link or field guide for amphibians in your area.

Set up wading pool and fill with water at least a month before the active season for frogs in your area begins. (In ours, this is from March-October).  Let sit for several days.  Add cover objects. Cut sign board into strip and fold it so that it functions as a ramp, hinged with duct tape.

If mosquitoes are a problem in your area, add mosquito dunks (monthly) or mosquito bits (weekly) to control larvae.

For most likelihood of frog usage, the introduction of duckweed or other aquatic plants is recommended. These can be purchased locally or ordered from Amazon.com. Potted plants or plants in the ground may also be placed around the pond to provide extra cover.

Add water if needed. Whenever changing water, fill container and let sit for 1-2 days.

 Then wait and see if frogs use the pond. We have also had many other animals use the ponds, including cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, and even possums and raccoons. If you set up your pond after the frog breeding season is over, you may still get other animals using the pond, including visiting frogs.

Photos are awesome! These help us identify which frogs are visiting, plus let us see your amazing layout.

We would love to know:
Where you are (not exact address, but general region is helpful)
What kinds of conditions have you set up (again, a photo is helpful)
What dates you've observed on and when you saw animals
Did you get eggs? Tadpoles? Frogs? If you know what kind, please let us know-if not, send a photo and we'll help you figure it out.
Your name, if you want credit in the final paper!

Keep your results in some sort of document and share them on the My Little Python facebook page. You can also e-mail them to Alli_draggy@comcast.net

Here is an excel spreadsheet if you wish to use it.

All results will be included in the next installment of "If you Build it, They will come", and be shared as part of this blog and any other publication and presentation of this project. Thank you so much!

We have added a FB event to make it easier to share information/photos with each other. The date listed is the end date.


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  1. Frog pond sized wading pools are now available at Walmart garden centers as they convert to Spring/summer. The price locally was $7.99