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Hi! You might know who I am. You might not. Or you might have just stumbled upon this blog in a random Google search. You might want to know who the Alli behind Alli's Snakes is. Or you just don't want to read my herpetological musings or were scared away by my entomology (insects) sketches and photos. So here's the human interest. I'm an 11-year-old (as of 3/2/2016) female from the Memphis, Tennessee area. Here's a photo of me from 2014. I'm a bit taller now and have moved to Windows 7, Chrome, and Bing, but not much has changed.

In case you play Neopets, I exist as alli_draggy there. Do NOT Neomail or Neofriend me. I only do Neomail about pound transfers or to get art requests to people who don't respond to their original board posts. If you want to see random Neopets stuff, look through this blog's archives. Girl in a Hissi Fit might interest you but because the comics in question are over 100 separate pieces of notebook paper and I have My Little Python to worry about, it is not getting any new posts so don't bother asking me.
But Stripie, you can't compete with me for control of Serpentville. I created you. I own you.

I'm also a Microsoft lackey. Before you yell at me about privacy and weird tablet-laptop hybrid things, I grudgingly tolerate the existence of Windows 8 and 10, but in no way like them. And Linux boxes and Macs are perfectly fine computers. More precisely, I like older versions of Windows, especially Windows XP. Windows 7 is pretty nice too. And because I'm a kid, Microsoft Bob and Clippy are adorable to me, no matter how much they annoyed you when you first encountered them. BTW, if you want to affix a Start button or other temporary addition to fabric that is easily removable with no damage to the fabric, use duct tape. I learned this from several experiments with Start buttons. 

My Microsoft thingies:

The Windows XP pet prepared for the holidays. I still want that laptop beanie.

So, this is your information about the human behind this blog. So now you know that not only do I like and research snakes and bugs, I also play Neopets and show way too much sympathy for computers. Yes, I know I'm weird. 

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