Friday, August 12, 2016

I made some social media herps

Yesterday, I was perusing a fine issue of Reptiles Magazine, my monthly source of information, care tips, and reptilian eye candy. I noticed that a certain albino monocled cobra's hood resembled the gradient on the new Instagram logo.

definitely looks like

So before long, this happened.

And it didn't take too much time before I noticed a certain Nosy Be panther chameleon that was more than a little Facebook-esque.

reminds you of

So this happened.

And then I figured that if I was going to do Facebook and Instagram, I needed to do Twitter to finish up the Big Three. And I did an Azureus dart frog because it's blue and who doesn't love frogs?

When this

meets this
this happens.

You can use my social media herps as your social media icons as long as you give Alli's Snakes or My Little Python credit and you aren't personally making money off of them. Selling them for charity is fine. 

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