Saturday, July 23, 2016

Program Snake Adventures:Pokemon Go @CatchEmAll #PokemonGo #PokemonIRL

You've met Microsoft snakes like XP, Bob, and Windows 98 at My Little Python. But why limit the anthropomorphic, serpentine possibilities to Microsoft products? Considering its/her current popularity, I figured that you might enjoy a snake for Pokemon Go. BTW, I consider this fan art. If you are with Niantic and want me to remove it due to copyright reasons, I will.

This is the snake for Pokemon Go. Spawning from a device with the app or a massive Pokeball, she wears a Pokemon trainer-esque outfit and carries a sword. Her favored Pokemon include Ekans, Gyarados, and an iPad with legs. This is the origin of the iPad with legs. Click comics to enlarge.

The art style might seem strange to you. The reason is that this is my attempt at anime. Oh, and the developer is male. Not because I'm sexist or anything, but because I usually pair female Program Snakes with male developers. Normally in battle, Pokemon Go would choose her Gyarados, but she knew that its water attacks would kill the iPad.

Here is a #PokemonIRL card for the iPad. Shooting lightning from a USB charger is kind of unusual, but as far as I could tell, pretty much all the Electric Pokemon attack by shooting lightning from some part of their body. Besides, the charger makes a nice tail.

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