Friday, March 20, 2015

"Rattlesnake Roundups-Rounding up the problems?" An opinion essay

Rattlesnake Roundups-Rounding up the problems?

   The Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup is apparently coming up. Let me describe this to you. Lots of alcohol-crazed people massacring rattlesnakes for no apparent reason. What's wrong with this? Well, for one thing, if you kill the rattlesnakes, you're essentially inviting plague-carrying rodents. Do we really want another Black Death? I think not. But why would people do such a thing? Why would a decent human being ever kill animals for no real reason? We have the ophidiophobiacs, or in the comic strip Frank and Ernest's terms, the lack-toes intolerant who kill rattlesnakes because they're scared of them. We have the alcohol-crazed, who normally wouldn't mindlessly kill rattlesnakes but are because they're under the influence. Then we have the religious, who identify snakes with evil and kill them in the name of their religion. Remember the legend of how St. Patrick drove the snakes (druids) out of Ireland? The religious at rattlesnake roundups are essentially modern St. Patricks. Then we have the just plain mean, who kill rattlesnakes for the sake of killing. These people were guided in the wrong direction and just plain can't be fixed. Then, we have the uninformed and traditionalists, who go the traditional way of the rattlesnake roundup and don't know about the ecological havoc they're wreaking. Then we have the fashion-crazed, who just want their rattlesnake boots. Don't they know that murdering animals is not in this year? There might also be other groups like the Texas natives who do anything pertaining to Texas, the havoc-wreakers who just want to kill and cause chaos, and in some cases people who think rattlesnake rattles are lucky. Now, what's wrong with all this? Picture a world where plague-carrying rodents are everywhere, pestilence is king, and humans that aren't dying are ignorant. This is you soon, Texas! But there is a way. There is a light at the end of this deep dark ignorant tunnel. There is a little thing called the Texas Rattlesnake Festival, which actually celebrates rattlesnakes instead of killing them. Support this event, tag your positive pictures of live rattlesnakes with #rattlesnake2015, and light a candle in your window in honor of these poor rattlesnakes. Remember, as was once said about cancer, the best way to beat rattlesnake roundups is together. And we will be the Reptile Legion, for we are many.

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