Sunday, February 22, 2015

So true...XD

A satire I drew of myself...please don't ask. The characters are me and my Neopets (copyright Neopets 1999-2015), Kasandaria and kiss_angel_girl. Kiss_angel_girl is the dinosaur, and Kasandaria's the snake in black. The text goes as follows...and yes, I am still running Windows XP and scared of the Windows 8 start screen. XD

The Windows XP-rience
"Starting the terror"

Kasandaria:Would it be mean if I scared our owner?
Kiss_angel_girl:How much fear are we talking?
(Neopets end up looking like the evil maniacs they are.)
Kasandaria:Utter terror.
Kiss_angel_girl:What's the plan?
Kasandaria:Windows 8 start screen.
Kasandaria: (dressed as Windows 8 start screen) This is your new start screen.
Me (human):AAAA!

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