Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snappy answers to snaky questions

Hey there! With Repticon in Memphis coming up, those of you who are coming are probably going to get a lot of snaky questions, some of which are downright stupid! So without further ado, I present snappy answers to snaky questions.

Snappy answers to snaky questions

Q:"Is this snake poisonous?"
A:"Why do you need to know, are you going to eat it?"

Q:"Can this snake bite?"
A:"Does this snake have a mouth?"

Q:"Is this snake venomous?"
A:"You'll find out if it bites you."

Q:"Could this snake constrict my *family member here*?"
A:"Depends. How big is your *family member here*?"

Q:"Will this snake bite?"
A:"If you try to hurt it, then maybe."

Q:"What kind of snake is this?"
A:"(Calmly say species' common name.)"

Q:"How big does this snake get?"
A:"Why don't you find out? Keep it for a couple of years."

Q:"What does this snake eat?"
A:"Almost any small animal that can fit in its mouth."

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