Friday, January 23, 2015

*sigh* The media...

"Snake Attack"? Yeah, right!

Recently, in a Lowe's store in Mississippi, a nonvenomous colubrine snake fell from a cabinet and latched onto a man using its teeth because it was falling and needed something to hold on to. And this was documented in the news as a "snake jumping out of a cabinet and latching its fangs onto a victim's head" when it really should have been "snake falling out of a cabinet and grabbing onto a man for its own survival". Plus, there's several flaws with the article. The snake was identified as a black rat snake, and black rat snakes aren't even native to Mississippi. And the victim was taken to the hospital, even! Anything falling onto your head can be dangerous, but rat snake bites are called "angry Velcro" for a reason. And, not to mention, the snake didn't have fangs. It had tiny, triangular teeth which probably didn't even hurt the man. And it's not the snake's fault that the people at Lowe's didn't realize there was a snake in the store. And they called the police chief about a nonvenomous snake biting somebody's head, when really, there wasn't really that much threat to the man. We're talking a thin, fairly small animal with teeth like Velcro that only bit the man so that it wouldn't die when falling onto the ground! The point is, this is better than some (at least they mentioned that it was nonvenomous), but all it is is just a dramatization intended to shock of something that really wasn't that bad.

Moran, Lee. "Snake bites customer's head in Mississippi Lowe's store" New York Daily News. January 21, 2015.

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