Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Math with the Little Pythons

Stripie climbed up a 40-foot flagpole at 1 PM. At the same time, the 4-foot Caramel Apple is yelling at him telling him to get down with a shadow length of 0.8 feet. If Stripie is 6 feet long, how much longer is the shadow of the flagpole with Stripie on it then the shadow of the flagpole alone?

Step by step
1.We know that the length of Stripie and the flagpole together is 46 feet.
2.We know that the length of Caramel Apple is 4 feet...
3....and that her shadow length is 0.8 feet.
4.Because the flagpole is 10 times the length of Caramel Apple... would have 10 times the shadow length, so therefore its length would be 8 feet.
6....If a 4-foot snake has a shadow length of 0.8, then something that's 2 feet long would have a shadow length of 0.4...
7....and using this knowledge, we just add to get Stripie's shadow length of 1.2 feet...
8....and because we know how long the flagpole's shadow is, we know that the shadow length of the flagpole and Stripie together is 9.2...
9....and therefore the difference between the shadow length of Stripie and the flagpole and just the flagpole is 1.2 feet!

This problem originally from Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Algebra

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