Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Awesome Christmas List

My awesome Christmas list

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums
Any Kidz Bop album I don't already have
A Faerie Hissi (owning or BEING one)
Eastern Indigo Snake
A Maractite Paint Brush
Real-life Hissi plushie
An eyelash viper
Help from Caramel Apple when I want to cook
Okay, all the My Little Pythons as real snake-kids
Any Neopets merchandise (including Neocash cards)
Any Lego set involving interesting pieces or reptiles and amphibians
The Snake Charmer minifigure scheduled to be released in January
A leucistic cobra
An albino reticulated python
An unconverted Plushie Hissi (owning or BEING one)
More Serpentine parts to snakeify innocent minifigures
The "NT Star" avatar
A Scriblet Petpetpet that actually is willing to attach
Two azureus poison dart frogs
A Lego brain slug and One Ring that actually belong to me
REAL LIFE Hissi morphing potion
Real life Hissi
REAL LIFE Faerie Paint Brush (to be used with the morphing potion, please don't ask)
Clippy as an actual sentient paper clip who would help me write
200 dollars

Yes, I want to BE a Faerie Hissi. Because, hey! Just be yourself. Unless you can be a Faerie Hissi. Then you should be a Faerie Hissi!
Faerie Hissies and all other Neopets copyright Neopets 1999-2014

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