Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Special:Cane toads and their invasive effects

Frogs:Today the pond, tomorrow the world! Well, the Cane Toad doesn't need to think it will take the world tomorrow. It already has taken the world! Let's start with what exactly a Cane Toad is. A Cane Toad is a very large toad hailing from South America. Now, in South America it has predators that can handle its toxins, as the Cane Toad is highly poisonous, enough to kill a human being. Now, Australia had problems with sugar cane beetles. So they shipped the Cane Toads in to be natural pest control. But the toads ate or killed whatever was in their path-as long as it wasn't a sugar cane beetle. The toads were large enough that they ate smaller toads, endangered species, baby snakes, tourist's fingers:anything! And because they were poisonous and Australian animals couldn't handle their toxins, the Cane Toads killed larger animals like pythons and kangaroos. This was the attack of the killer cane toads. But the horror story doesn't end here. The Toads were then introduced into Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands to control pests. They were successful in controlling pests, but luckily for the islands, the toads died out before destroying native populations of other animals. The toad was then introduced into the Philippines and was successful, being the most abundant amphibian. The Philippines were now the Islands of the Killer Toads. The killer toads then entered Fiji, devouring both harmful and beneficial invertebrates, so on these islands the toads' effect was neutral. Into other islands, the United States, Australia leaving destruction in its wake. And this is no bad horror movie. This is the attack of the killer toads. They are eaten by pets, killing the family dogs. They are eaten by wild animals, killing the wild animals. If the killer toads are not stopped, they will destroy the world's ecosystems. Tell your dog to keep away from that gigantic frog, it could be the last thing they ever see.

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