Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The effects of a new strain of ranavirus on Neopian species

You all know that Neopets can get sick with things like the flu or a Reptillior bite. But there is a new threat lurking in Neopia's waters:a new strain of ranavirus. This strain poses threats to Mortogs, Greebles, Turdles, Blurtles, Quiggles, Cobralls, and some wild Hissies. Via this new strain of ranavirus, mortality is a high concern. Many populations of Southern Water Cobralls are endangered and with the threat of ranavirus, they could become extinct within the next 10 years. Wild Hissies are also in danger from ranavirus, due to the fact that many wild strains are having DNA extracted from them for colors and patterns in captivity, and never getting re-released into the wild. Ranavirus also poses threats to captive Neopets and Petpets, as your beloved Quiggle could pick up a little virus during a nice trip to the river. And there is currently no known, commonly available cure for ranavirus, meaning that very high risk is posed if this strain is not stopped.

♣ To see whether or not Blurtles, Hissies, Cobralls, and Turdles can carry the new strain of ranavirus.

As these species are common pets and Petpets, and also have endangered populations in the wild, viewing to investigate if they can carry the new strain of ranavirus is crucial to their survival.

The Study
Blurtles, Hissies, Cobralls, and Turdles taken from a river on Krawk Island where it is known the new strain of ranavirus thrives, were tested for ranavirus. They were then re-released with radio transmitters and their behavior was examined. One Cobrall died during the study, but this was related to an accidental crush injury. Blurtles escaped from the harnesses on the transmitters and could not be tracked. Hissies, Cobralls, and Turdles did not escape from the harness.

♣ One Hissi tested positive for ranavirus, same Hissi died.
No Cobralls tested positive for ranavirus.
♣ No Blurtles tested positive for ranavirus.
♣ Turdles tested positive for ranavirus.

The results are that Turdles can carry the new ranavirus strain, however, the Hissi that tested positive for ranavirus did not get it from the water, but rather from eating an infected prey animal.

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