Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The snake in the zodiac

Snakes have many forms. Real animals, mythical gods, Neopets when winged, and pop culture when often in gigantic, man-eating forms. But snakes are also connected with the Chinese zodiac. I don't really do astrology, but I decided that today there would be information about a different kind of snake.

Symbol of zodiac snake, image from Wikipedia

The story of the Chinese zodiac goes like this:12 animals had to cross a river. The snake wasn't a very good swimmer (it wasn't a sea or water snake), so it hitched a ride on the Horse's hoof. (It might have also eaten the Rat and gone to sleep considering its position), but when the horse was about to cross the finish line, it saw a tasty mouse nearby and slithered out, scaring the horse, having the snake end up in sixth place. The snake also has hours from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, which means because it's about 10:00 AM, I am writing this post in the Hour of the snake, when the sun warms up the earth and snakes slither out of their holes. Unless you count the fact that this is being written in Memphis in August when snakes would much rather stay in their holes than come out in 100-degree heat. Snakes are supposedly intelligent, but somewhat unscruplous. And 2013, which was last year, was a Snake year, and 2025 and 2037 will also be Snake years.

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