Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Big news!

Big news coming from Alli's Snakes! A new species of nonvenomous snake has been discovered in Brazil. According to a Brazilian journal which wrote about its discovery, it has fifteen dorsal scale rows, and is reddish pink to red with black spots. It is approximately a foot long and was previously a cryptozoological creature. It sounds like a cute little snake! :D
                                          Image from

Passos, Paulo et al. . "A new species of Atractus (Serpentes:Dipsadidae) from Serra do Cipo, Espinhaco Range, Southeastern Brazil, with proposition of a new species group to the genus" Papeis Avulsos de Zoologica (Sao Paulo), March 31, 2013. Web. August 20, 2014.  

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  1. Cool! Did you see my article on snakes that have been rediscovered?

    Quite a few species of Atractus have been found or re-found recently.