Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A note from Alli and sea snakes

Dear readers of Alli's Snakes,
Please note that I am a young lady who is interested in reptiles and amphibians, and you are reading my humble blog. I would like to say that I thank you for your support and continued viewing of this blog. Anyway, let's get to the real post. Today we'll be looking at sea snakes.

Head of Beaked Sea Snake, from

Sea snakes are found mainly in the Pacific and Indian oceans, most species found in Australia. They are in the family known as Hydrophiinae, meaning "water lovers" which is a subset of Elaphidae which is the same family as the cobras. They are curious about divers, and unless grabbed or stepped on, will not bite. However, I can see the threat in having a snake that is far more venomous than a cobra swim toward you while you're diving. But sea snakes are not to be confused with the mythical sea serpents!

Images from Wikipedia, first image real sea snake, next image mythical sea serpent.

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