Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Could it be possible to genetically engineer a Hissi? I know you would expect something pure science or pure Neopets, but this is a bit different. So, a Hissi is a snake with wings.  
Hissi copyright Neopets 1999-2014

So, everybody knows that dinosaurs were reptiles. They evolved into creatures such as snakes. However, birds also evolved from dinosaurs. So, reptiles and birds are related. First, one could try creating a dragon from, say, an alligator being genetically engineered with a hawk to give it wings. Then, as we advance, we could add the appendages that are wings to a limbless snake. However, for it to be a true Hissi, we would need to add the wings to be used as hands. So, our options are a cobra hawk-type creature, which is just a snake with wings, or a strange, kind of reptilian humanoid-ish thing with scaly hands, a serpent-like body, and wings. So, it would be impossible to make a converted Hissi, but however, the unconverted Hissi Neopets had wings that were actually wings. So, with genetic engineering, it could be possible to make a UC Hissi. Now, the Hissi wearing clothes is another story.

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